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If he is the most excellent thing and most worthy of praise

in the seen and unseen world

Then all the things he has made must be praising him

A symphony of praise responding to the song he sings

If I can hear it

And boy do I need help to hear it

Above all the noise and busyness

And my spiritual dullness

But it is ironic to me that

humans being created most like him

praise him least of all.

a song

How sweet to reflect on the joys that await me.

In yon blissful regions the haven of rest.

Where glorified spirits with welcomes shall greet me.

In loud Hallelujahs their voices will raise.

Encircled in light and in beauty unshrouded.

My mind’s sky unclouded.

I’ll bathe in the ocean of pleasure unbounded.

And rage with delight through the Eden of love.

Most Beautiful and Adorable Grace

that is her name to me

me the instrument she plays

me the lover she kisses

and fills me with life and love and peace

me the channel she moves through

its all grace to me

all of it

everything that happens or doesn’t happen

everything that grows and dies

all of it

no I don’t understand that at all

but it seems necessary for me to believe

so I can live and not go insane

or leave the planet sooner then

the natural course of things will decide.

to be spared the final catastrophe

as Bill says.

a woman

I have met a woman and what a gift it has been to know her these days.  But fearful as well.  The fear of abandonment that I felt this morning and at the same time to say, it looks like light to me it looks like light to me but I am afraid.  And then to not feel it.  So is it extinguished.  I don’t know.  All I know is that these days of talking to her and getting to know her have been wonderful.

oh to grace how great a debtor daily I’m constrained to be.  Let thy goodness like a fetter bind my wandering heart to the.  Prone to wander lord I feel it prone to leave the god I love.  Here’s my heart lord take and seal it seal it for thy courts above.