“Why do you want to know my name?”

“It is beyond understanding.” or “It is wonderful.”   that is what my higher power said to the parents of Sampson when they were talking to him and they wanted to know his name.   And that jives with my experience of him.   When in his felt presence there is nothing for me to say and there are no words to describe it.  It is beyond my understanding and full of wonder and awe but it is my hearts desire and someone I believe I will know for all of eternity and that means more to me than anything…..And all I ever did was to believe that feeling his presence was possible and once I heard that it was possible I saw in my heart a desire to experience it….and that desire and the struggle that has accompanied it has shaped me more than anything, I believe and has been the motor that has driven my heart’s engine ever since…..

shalom ya’ll


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