what to do about a narcissist

if you  are asking that question, what do I do about this person or maybe what is wrong with me.  You are probably in a relationship with a narcissist.

So rule number one, if you are then run like hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Any other advice you don’t like on here refer to rule number one.  If you can’t run like hell because you are so weighed down with guilt and depression then walk as fast as you can 🙂    Once you get some distance between you and them you will start to feel better in no time.   If you find that you are a narcissist magnet then try moving to Mars.   That’s right mars.  Your friends won’t follow you there since its too damn cold and there will be no one there to admire them there.   If you wonder if some of their narcissism rubbed off on you, it probably did.  You can use that to your advantage but joining the narcissistic part of you with that part if them.  That will really mess with their brain.   Well I guess its time for me to get my beauty rest 🙂   bon nuit toute les monde.


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