N.T. Wright says…

NT Wright says that Jesus came to proclaim that the exile was over.  But was it, was not the Isreal of Jesus day, according to the new testament sent off into exile again in 70 ad.   And even more their status as being god’s specially chosen people redefined by Jesus.  It may be that exile was over for the whole world in general in this pouring out of god’s love, but for the people of Israel in Jesus day he was stripping them of the authority that they thought they had and declaring himself as the one in whom authority resides.  His exercise of this being a mystery to me, but I think it has something to do with helping people be all that they can be in their own way.

And maybe that is N.T. Wrights point that the exile from the divine for the world is over, idk.  Maybe that is just how I take what he did to mean.   The world has certainly had its spritual ups and downs.   The advent of deism being a downer imho.   But with the rise of post-modernism even with all its negativity and pessimism there is less faith in humanity a part from the divine and maybe that is a good thing.   Certainly with the advent of the 12 step movement Bill Wilson gave us something that told us, “you do not have the power in yourself to lick this thing.   You need some help.”  A kind of grace that even Paul in Romans 7 seemed to not know about or if it did was unable for some reason to avail himself of it.   Even though in Romans itself he seems to be clear that obedience or a change of heart cannot be self manufactured.


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