be safe

take good care of yourself

wear your seat belt

don’t put on makeup while your driving 🙂

or for me, talk on the phone

eat healthy

and btw low fat is not necessarily healthy

get your rest and your sleep

do things you like to do

work where you want to work

have one or two good friends

and lots of associates

eat, drink and be merry

unless you shouldn’t…

…drink that is

exercise at some point in your life

still working on that one 🙂

you’re not perfect so quit trying to be

but do your best

look for the good in others

help others if helping them helps them

be kind and caring

stand up for yourself

don’t take anybody’s crap

you are worth more than that

priceless actually 🙂

laugh a lot

especially at the stupid shit you say

and above all…….

you fill in the blank.


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