about to start

About to start doing what I love to do, counseling

It is such a thrill to be an agent of healing and restoration in someone’s life.

On holy ground helping them in their pain.

Worked so hard the past few years to get back on track.

And have been happy most of that time.

One of the big lessons from that time has been that

for me anyway

the source of happiness is not out there somewhere

but in there somewhere

know what I mean Vern?

I am such a dork.

And I have you all to thank for helping to make that possible.

It has been nice to say some really crazy shit on here.

And see a “like”

I guess there are some crazy shit appreciaters out there.

And maybe some stuff that is not too terribly crazy.

So another thing I am learning is that

maybe I am not totally bat shit crazy

after all.

Just a little bit 🙂

I went to a meeting tonight and said that

I am the happiest and most content I have ever been

in my life.

Gracias mes amis 🙂




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