ok, here’s another one…

so I wish I could post some of the funny shit from Pinterest on here…..   anyway

ok so one time…this is no lie I really did this…I called to police because I wanted to know what I could legal do if someone was aggressive with me like what can you do to them if they hit you or yell at you.   So I called to cop and asked him that, what can I do if someone threatens me I said, “so if someone hits me what can I do to them?”   Like, if I have a knife, can I stab them?  lol.     Silence on the other end of the line.  He did not know what to say.  And I was serious…..oh man that is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!    See in Virginia if you hit first that is a felony, you go to jail……

And if I ever do have a girlfriend again and someone puts their hands on her.  I don’t need to call the cops.  I KNOW what I will do!!!!!!!!!!!!   between fight, flight and freeze  I will give you three guess about what I will do and the first two don’t count….

I just checked horses for one of the categories for this post.  I know, what a goober….

progress not perfection right?


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