just for today

I can meditate with my dog.

I have a job.

I have transportation.

I have a roof over my head.

I can eat healthy:  blueberries, veggies and not drink.

The last being what I am grateful for the most.

And that I found my way into the rooms.

I can support others in their recovery.

I can enjoy the nice weather and read.

I believe my hp is with me.

At least more than I used to believe that.

That I believe that my hp and others care.

That is a miracle as yesterday I did not believe that.

I believe there is good in the worst and some bad in the best of us.

There is something good and beautiful in every situation and person.

I don’t need to give others advice.

I will probably not drink or drug.

I am free  (dannannannna)      lol

That last part is the jukebox in my head.

I have a jukebox in my head.

Along with some other really crazy shit.    🙂

One of my friends used to call me, whack job.

That is until he pissed me off and I quit talking to him.

Told you I was crazy…………

I will not eat green eggs and ham…….

I will admire a beautiful woman.

If I am lucky enough to see one……..


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