now I know…..

now I know why my truck broke down.

Had to do battle

We won, I think.  Will know soon enough.

“He who does not punish evil, commands it to be done.”  Leonardo Da Vinci


What does it look like?

To me it looks like addiction,

and selfish, narcissistic, self-centeredness (however you spell that :)), perfectionism

Something in you that wants to take over and take your life

or something in you that says everything is all about you,

in the voice of Donald Trump

but you don’t know it is speaking to you

you just think it is you.

maybe your voice whispers

where his voice shouts

but it still sounds like him.


A liar that says things like,

don’t worry you are in control

when really it controls you

You are only just having fun

It lives safely most of the time in the unconscious

out of harms way


And at the right moment

When you see it for what it is.

And it rears its ugly head,

Take the fatal blow

With your magic sword.

Because steel is worthless

With this creature.

but don’t worry

It looks scary

But its not

Because behind the puffed up veneer

It is impotent.

Completely impotent

It does not stand a chance

With your magic sword.

And if you don’t have a sword

Maybe Harry Potter

Can help you find one.

It may come to you,

Like a magic wand.

by Salvador Edwards


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