will worship

the temple to will worship has suffered a fatal blow

there is another temple

one of unspeakable beauty

my job is to keep my eyes on that one

to be transfixed by ITS beauty

it is the one that my heart beholds continuously i believe

my heart says,

this is not just for me you know

that temple loves you and adores you like none other

you are starting to let that in and that is ok

you don’t have to be afraid

it loved you today when Belinda said, Mark I love you.

it loves you in those meetings

you are not enough and you don’t have to be

the voice that says, you have to be enough is a lie

every moment it is there being enough for you when you are not

one day at a time is all that is required

there is only enough manna for one day

that is all there ever has been and all there ever will be

until there is one long day that will never end

and its ok to be afraid to not know what the hell is going on

its not your job to know what the hell is going on

just do your best to behold his beauty like I am doing

you have the rest of your life to practice buddy

it is what you have been looking for all along

the glorious liberation self

to be able to just get a glimpse even for a moment of that temple

is a real gift

many go through their whole lives and never see it once

you have seen it before

and you will see it again, over and over and over again

put your confidence in that pal

put your confidence in that!

you’re ok just the way you are

you always have been

and you always will be

those lies are loosing their power

and grace will be an avalanche

that will drown you, over take you, disarm you and empower you

sweep you into its arms and hold you

you will fall

but you won’t hit the ground hard

remember that dream you had?

grace is happening every moment of every day

just let it happen

that is your  job

just let it happen

and know for sure that the temple of unspeakable beauty

is within you and all around you

within you and all around you

within you and all around you

soli deo gloria

by Salvador Edwards






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