judgement and aloneness

I forget I forget I forget all the time!!!!   I know that when it comes to other people I can speak to their aloneness words of comfort or whatever but I am not to judge.   Sometimes I think I am doing a person a favor by saying here is what I think is going on with you.  I swear this person has helped me so much.  She has said, dont tell me what is wrong with me or tell me what to do.  As great of a listener I think I am I have done that all the time with her.  If someone needs to change at any given moment it is me, not her.  I say you confuse me by saying one thing and then another.  Well, that doesn’t matter.   That is going on to the judgement side.  I can say, I am here for you if you want me to be.  When it comes to others I can speak to aloneness but when it comes to something they are doing that I don’t like that is none of my business, unless they are intending to hurt me.   I swear I have learned a lot from this person.


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