I think I do it all the time even when worried or afraid.  Everything that happens is his word so it all occurring is listening to me.  Also, since his presence has been available to me, not a strong sense all the time but in certain places, that is listening to me also.  So many things are listening to me, but a lot of those things I am not always aware of.   The quiet deep within is listening.  It being the foundation I believe that upholds everything above it, those feelings and crazy thoughts that I am more conscious of then the quiet.  If he is within then by default the quiet is within all of us I believe, all of us.

I have read about a place where people go where their problems are not the issue any more and no matter what happens they have a peace, according to this author, because he is so real to them at that point.  I want that, may get it in this life and may not.

Being obedient is listening.  In Hebrew the word obedient is literally to hear the voice of, interesting huh?   Anyway listening is other things to me but some of those things I do not experience very often so I sticking to what I experience pretty much all the time, whether conscious of it or not.   Clear as mud right? 🙂


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