a song

How sweet to reflect on the joys that await me.

In yon blissful regions the haven of rest.

Where glorified spirits with welcomes shall greet me.

In loud Hallelujahs their voices will raise.

Encircled in light and in beauty unshrouded.

My mind’s sky unclouded.

I’ll bathe in the ocean of pleasure unbounded.

And rage with delight through the Eden of love.


here’s what helps me

I listen.   Its like in the book Moby Dick.  The harpooner is the one who is listening.   While all the others are going crazy getting the ship in the exact right place, the harpooner is still, waiting for the perfect shot.

It is sometimes listening to words but most of the time not, just attending to a presence that is sometimes felt and sometimes not.  But I can enter into the calm of this room while I am writing or enter into the stillness of the outdoors especially when there is no sound or wind in the trees or if one of the trees is still.

Sometimes when it is felt I get a real break from all the questions, worries and concerns, what is wrong with me?  Does she like me or think I am a moron?   When I am there I know who I belong to and who belongs to me, who I possess and who possesses me.   It is the sense of someone’s presence but not another person’s presence I have felt before, like the presence of an alien or something.  Words for it are abiding, listening, contemplation, peace, joy, love, wonderful.  There may be a million words for it and sometimes there aren’t any words for it.  I think the best words are like:  beautiful, adorable, the object of my deepest and strongest desire, love language and intimacy are the best words because I am with my lover and he is with me although I can feel my intensity more than his, his seems more settled or something, ever subtle but real none the less.

Trouble and distress make it hard to listen.  I wish that were not the case but it is.  It is hard to settle down in trouble and fear, but it always comes back.  And even in the trouble and the fear the sun is shining behind the bleak dark clouds.  If anything I am able to endure it and sometimes the fears are not realized.   There is always stillness after the storm.







I can’t wait for valentine’s day.   There is a restaurant Qdoba here in town who is giving out free burritos if you kiss a stranger!!!!!!!!  I am going to kiss so many strangers I will have burritos for the next year!!!!!   lol.   I wish, the ego maniac that I have been lately would like to think so but I am sure it won’t happen…..maybe for the next month………..not…..I am going with a guy who has some issues.  I am hoping he does not embarrass me.   Maybe I should be concerned about embarrassing him you would say to me………..I told my new manager at the place where I work, new job, yeah, go Mark…..that is my name Mark…..don’t tell anyone ok……..lol     My psydonm ?sp. is Salvador for Salvador Minuchin who is one of the great Family System’s therapist and my last name….Edwards is named after Jonothan Edwards one of the great theologians of the second great awakening.    Anyway, I am not going to let my crazy ass, almost, ex, thank god, mess up valentines day for me.  right…yeah…lol    So if you are brave, crazy or have not kissed someone in a long time like me go to Qdoba’s